Case study: Brite-Mat mouse mats for Zappify

Case study: Brite-Mat mouse mats for Zappify

Digital innovators and producers of virtual business cards and virtual exhibition desks, Zappify, contacted for promotional gifts that would complement their digital offering. 

Zappify wanted authentic gifts to promote their business to delegates and exhibitors at business exhibitions and meetings.

Who are Zappify?

Zappify create mobile, digital business cards that transform the way business connections are made. Sustainability is at the heart of the business; switching to virtual cards saves a huge amount of trees and water. 

Users swap their details in person or over video conferencing platforms, email and messaging apps on their smart phones via a unique QR code or personal URL. The virtual business card has three versions – one for individuals, a corporate card for small businesses and the enterprise card for large companies with multiple offices, brands or subsidiaries. The annual subscriptions are £10, £99 and £499 respectively. 

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The brief

Zappify wanted custom branded promotional gifts that would complement their digital offer to hand out at exhibitions and business meetings by way of an introduction to break the ice and start a conversation. They wanted a product that was useful and continuously visible to the recipient as a constant reminder of Zappify’s services. The chosen product would provide impactful and memorable branding. were approached by Zappify to suggest and supply a suitable promotional product. Zappify cite the reputation of as a local, trustworthy and reliable business as the reason for their choice of supplier. Zappify were also aware that are proud to supply sustainable products as promotional gifts which aligns perfectly with Zappify’s own commitment to eco-friendly products and services.

The solution recommended the custom printed Brite-Mat Tyre mouse mat, made from 99.5% recycled materials, including 40% recycled tyres and recycled plastics, and laminated paper. The eco credentials of the Brite-Mat mouse mat are boosted further by being manufactured in Blackpool, therefore requiring only domestic transportation.

The rectangular Brite-Mat mouse mat has a 24cm x 19cm print area. Using either Pantone spot colours or full colour images, the Brite-Mat mouse mat can be custom printed to promote a company’s products and services with exceptional colour reproduction. 

For the user, the Brite-Mat mouse mat’s laminated surface delivers perfect tracking with both optical and mechanical mice. The non-slip backing prevents the Brite-Mat mouse mat from moving around when used. 

As a long-term promotional gift, the Brite-Mat mouse mat ticks all boxes. It is a rigid, tough mat that is easily wiped clean, and likely to be used by the recipient of the gift from Zappify for some time.

Customer testimonial

Zappify have told that gifting a promotional product has had excellent results in growing their brand. They are delighted with the quality of the product as well as the branding design.

Keith Robinson, Director of Zappify, said: “We expect to be a repeat customer of due to the great personal service, helping hugely in the design and selection process, resulting in a fantastic product we are extremely proud of.

Our business is fast-growing so we will definitely be sourcing other items for similar use as we expand and take part in more exhibitions, networking and meetings.”

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