Promotional Mouse Mats

Ideal product for your next office promotion!

English Brite-Mat mouse matNo wonder promotional mouse mats are so effective – we spend a long time at our desks and in front of our computers.

“The majority (81 percent) of UK office workers spend between four and nine hours each day sitting at their desk.”


Supplying customised promotional mouse mats is our business and we have been main distributors for Brite-MatÒ branded mouse pads since its UK launch in 2005.

Our website is dedicated to helping clients personalise their chosen promotional product, whether it’s business mouse mats, coasters with promotional messages or even the timeless Brite-Clocks.

The Brite-Mat Mouse Pad is one of the best-selling corporate gifts on the market, thanks to its ability to get a brand’s message seen on customers’ desks. Easy-to-follow Artwork Guides are provided to help clients create exactly the correctly-sized artwork for their product.

What makes Brite-Mat mouse mats so good?

A special labelling process seals and protects your branded message with a coating that is optimised for both mechanical and optical mice. This unique manufacturing technique enables us to achieve the highest image quality possible – these mouse mats certainly stand out on any desk!  

The rigid mouse mat has a long, practical life, and is perfectly positioned on your clients’ desks as a constant reminder of your services. So, your message is in the right place at the right time, exactly at the time when buying decision Google searches are made. Get yourself to the top of the search rankings without even being online!!

Brite-Mat are eco-friendly products, with most being moulded from 100% in-house recycled plastics. The Tyre Brite-Mat mats are made from 99.5% recycled materials, including 40% recycled tyre material, plus recycled plastics and laminated paper. So not only are these mouse mats good for promoting your business, they’re also good for the environment.

All Brite-Mat products are advocates of mouse mat printing UK! We also export business mouse mats worldwide. If you’re looking to order mouse mats online in bulk, contact us for a competitive shipping quote if you are outside the UK mainland.

We can customise mouse mats with almost any image or message and our experienced team are here to help you create a mat which stands out and gets your message across … all for just a few pence each.